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I get lots of questions when people discover that I am a cookbook author, but the most common by far is, "How did you get into the business?" I think most people wonder solely because it sounds like a fun job. And, it can be. But, with two books under my belt (Houston Classic Desserts, Pelican 2010 and Houston Classic Mexican, Pelican 2011) I have to tell you - the 'how' is not so important as the 'why'. I got into the cookbook business because I have a sincere love for food, a great support system of friends, family and fellow 'foodies', a husband that's really good with a camera and... a bit of luck.

I hope this blog will serve as inspiration to those of you with a passion for beautiful and tasty food, cooking, dining out, kitchen gadgetry, kitchen goofs and the musings of a girl that's discovering new things about herself and her passions... one delicious recipe at a time.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"Houston Classic Mexican Recipes serves a very vital purpose: chronicling and cataloging Houston tastes and recipes like a time capsule." -Houston Press

"These pictures are so hot the recipes cook themselves.  Not only the best-looking food ever, but this cookbook can turn a non cook into the best chef on the block."
-Pepe Serna • acclaimed veteran television and film actor

"Miller has stuck her fork firmly in the recipes behind the beloved classic restaurants of Houston.  From desserts to traditional Mexican, she celebrates the recipes that make Houston a melting pot of cuisine."
-Taylor Byrne Dodge-Ray • Assoc. Publisher, My Table Magazine

"WARNING: DON'T READ THIS WHEN YOU'RE HUNGRY.  Take your appetite on an adventure with an amazing collection of must-have recipes from the extraordinarily talented Erin Miller.  The delicious diva has stirred up yet another winning book."
 -Kit Wohl • author, New Orleans Classic Seafood

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